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Roo and Neil 

Roo Geddes and Neil Sutcliffe combine their shared experience across Classical, Folk and Jazz to create original music for violin and accordion. Based in Glasgow, they explore the ways in which music can evoke senses of place and community.

After a chance meeting on a beach in the northwest of Scotland, aged 13, the pair started to collaborate at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Almost a decade later, the duo released their debut album ‘Homelands’, showcasing original compositions inspired by the people and places that create a feeling of ‘home’. In 2020 during the first Covid-19 lockdown, some of this collection was selected as winner of Fèis Rois’ “In Tune with Nature” competition. The following year, the duo was awarded the prestigious ‘Danny Kyle Award’ from the Celtic Connections Festival. They now perform their original music regularly around the UK, as well as working closely with the charity Live Music Now Scotland.




"After a long journey, you take off your coat and shoes and take a seat in the kitchen. A cup of tea finds its way to your hands, as warm as the laughter which welcomes you. Stories are shared, ideas ignited, and a smile spreads from your face to your heart – you’ve arrived at the Hartys..."

This track will feature on our soon to be released 'Homelands' Album!

The Paper Cave - Metro Madness

We're delighted to share with you our newest tune, recorded live from Laura Mcglinchey's magical Paper Cave - a wonderful venue made entirely from up-cycled tickets and flyers to events which were cancelled by the pandemic. 

'Metro Madness’ celebrates the tumult and turmoil of city living. Occasionally, the pandemonium is punctuated by brief moments of tranquillity before we’re swept back into the urban chaos."
Massive thanks to Lee Boyce for the videography and, as always, to Stevie Cossar for the audio engineering.


"Mountains" is inspired by the hills across the bay from Port Appin, above Glengalmadale on the other side of Loch Linnhe. Both of us are keen hillwalkers and began discussing how our sense of time changes when climbing a hill- these vast, pre-historic ripples in the landscape which move at a different pace from our own busy lives. 


"Looking north across Loch Linnhe, the mountains of Argyll continue their ancient journey as history flits by unnoticed. The sheer magnitude of their deep geological time questions our own sense of scale and significance."


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Greg Lawson 

“Roo and Neil explore a musical landscape of such variety with such skill, it's a privilege to be taken with them on their musical journey. They occupy that rare position where they can go in any direction they choose. They have a deep love and understanding for traditional music, coupled with an awareness of the world they find themselves in with all of its colours, tastes and sounds to explore. They bring a musical sincerity to their music which is the most valuable ingredient and as a result, with respect and courage they forge their own route through a musical landscape of endless possibilities. Their individual skills are supreme, and they are able to express rich and articulate nuance at any level. I find myself imagining their journey ahead and with the potential they have, I just can't wait to hear them play next.“ - 2021

The Yard, Edinburgh 

"Roo and Neil were truly amazing. They were immersive with the children and played upbeat music that really engaged the little ones. They even got up from their chairs and took the music to the children who were outside. It was a truly amazing experience." - 2022

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