About us


Roo Geddes and Neil Sutcliffe are a duo based in Glasgow, Scotland. They combine their shared experience across Classical, Folk and Jazz to create original music for violin and accordion. Their compositions are inspired by landscape and people, and by how music can evoke a sense of place and community.

Both musicians are in their final year at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Throughout their studies they have developed their musical style and technique, drawing from the wealth and diversity of experience around them.


In 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown, they were selected as winners of a category of “In Tune with Nature”, a competition run by Feis Rois and Scottish Natural Heritage. They remotely composed, recorded and filmed a new piece which celebrated the wildlife and landscape of the magical Taynish National Nature Reserve. (see the video here)

As well as composing original music, Roo and Neil also play a mixture of traditional music and jazz, and have been playing and calling for Ceilidh dancing for years.





Meet the Instruments!

Neil's main instrument is a Bugari Prime piano accordion. This instrument has not only the standard "Stradella bass" system in the left-hand, comprising of bass notes and pre-set chords, but can also be converted to the "free-bass" system, a chromatic arrangement of notes. This ability in the left-hand to create polyphonic textures and different chord inversions plays a major role in Roo and Neil's compositions. 

Roo plays a violin that has been passed down through his family for five generations. See below for a poster advertising a "Grand Concert" in 1912 at the Alexandra Parade Masonic Hall in Glasgow, at which his great, great grandfather, Jack Hugo, played this very fiddle!

"Grand Concert" Poster: 

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